Bree Thorne—Romance Author

I love reading romance in all its forms, and I love writing it too. My goal is to have a finished novel that I can publish and share with the world, so that my months (and years) of labor can be enjoyed by a few people for a few hours!

I’ve been writing my own stories since elementary school, but became a huge fan of romance in particular during college and shortly after. I like cozy romances, paranormal romance, dark romance, basically all the romance! Okay, there are a few romance novels and niches that I’ve discovered are not my favorite, but they are few and far between.

As for me personally, I am married to an awesome, patient man, who has listened to my in-depth analysis of more books than I can count, and tolerated my frustrated rants as I try to figure out what does and does not work in a story and why. We live in Texas with our three adorable terrorists, I mean children, who I love with all my heart, even on the days they make me want to throw blueberries at them.

I think bath bombs are quite possibly the greatest of all inventions, especially since I can combine them with my love of wine, hot baths, and reading. Between work and kids, I have a depressingly small amount of time to myself, but when I do, hot baths are pretty much my go-to.

To hear about my writing process, check out excerpts and sample chapters, and sympathize with my day-to-day rants, follow my blog!

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