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So many exciting things are happening around one of my very favorite authors. Sherrilyn McQueen (formerly Kenyon) announced last month that she signed a deal for film and television representation. Y’all! That means we might be getting a Dark Hunters TV series! This has got to be the best news ever! But wait, there’s more!

Sherrilyn McQueen

Huge and exciting news came out via the author’s email blast: Sherrilyn is publishing a fan fiction anthology! The short stories in this book will take place in or around Sanctuary, in the Dark Hunters universe Sherri created. I am beyond pumped for this project. I mean, what could be better than my favorite author publishing my fan fiction? This is going to be AMAZING!

That being said, I have never written a short story. Okay, fine, let’s be honest… I have not finished writing anything. But, maybe, hopefully, this will be the key. A short story, a much shorter project, might be exactly what I need to finally, finally finish something. And what could be better than a fan fiction contest with an actual, enforced deadline? 

So, if you are a Dark Hunters fan, you should totally write something and submit it. If not, you should at least stick around so that you can laugh with me (and at me) as I struggle to finally finish writing something for the very first time ever. Not to mention, when my story doesn’t get picked (because let’s be real, it will be the first thing I’ve ever finished—if I even make it to the end) I will publish it here for you.

I need your support and encouragement if I am ever going to make the leap from ‘aspiring author’ to ‘published author’, so please, subscribe below to join me on my journey, and comment with your thoughts, advice, and ideas!

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